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Mousse protection against tooth decay?

Mousse protection against

tooth decay?

According to press reports some scientists have claimed that they have produced ‘Tooth Mousse' which protects tooth from decay. They also maintain that this Tooth Mousse repairs damage by replacing the minerals lost through the decay process. If it really happens it could be a boon to the mankind as majority of them suffers from tooth problems!

Nethrakere Udaya Shankara

Do you know what mousse is?

According to Wikipedia explanation It is a form of creamy dessert typically made from egg and cream, usually in combination with other flavours such as chocolate or pureed fruit.

The egg whites are beaten before being incorporated into the other ingredients to produce a light fluffy yet extremely rich confection. It is then chilled to maintain its aeration. Once only a speciality of Spanish and Belgian restaurants, chocolate mousse entered into American and English home cuisine in the 1960s. Mousse-like desserts in Middle America commonly go under designations like "whip".

Depending on how it is prepared, it can range from light and fluffy to creamy and thick.

Due to usage of raw eggs, eating mousse may lead to food poisoning, caused by salomonella bacteria.
In the UK eggs marked with the Lion Mark have come from hens vaccinated against salmonella, although they may not have been pasteurised; but catering establishments generally use pasteurised eggs.

Most food service establishments in the U.S. use pasteurized eggs whenever raw eggs are called for, so food poisoning should not be a concern there except in home cooking.

All these facts about this eating stuff are not a new thing to many. But new thing is that we got news from Melbourne which says that scientists have developed a 'tooth mousse' that protects decay and repairs any existing damage.

So they assure you that you no longer need to control your craving for chocolates!.

According to a report from PTI a Team at Melbourne University has produced the new product which can penetrate ten times deeper into teeth than current fluoride treatments -- in fact, it repairs damage by replacing the minerals lost through the decay process...

Tooth decay or cavities are consequences of dental caries. If left untreated, the disease can lead to pain, tooth loss, infection, and in severe cases, death of the tooth.

According to lead researcher and the Head of Dental Science at the university, Professor Eric Reynolds, the Tooth Mousse Plus is a breakthrough in oral healthcare and it would benefit thousands of people worldwide.

Report says that "Laboratory tests and clinical trials have shown Tooth Mousse Plus not only provides the highest level of fluoride protection now available for teeth but that it can also repair existing decay damage.

"It's the result of a real team effort by molecular scientists, dentists and formulation chemists," Eric Reynolds said.

The Cooperative Research Centre for Oral Heath Science (CRC-OHS) at the University of Melbourne has also been awarded a prestigious prize for Excellence in Innovation, recognising the achievements of Tooth Mousse Plus, report said.

It is not specifically known that whether this Tooth Mousse is an eating stuff like Mousse or some other type of medicine. It is also not known that whether this Tooth Mousse is produced out of egg and cream. It is also not known whether it could be produced out of fruit?

In France they prepare an eating stuff called "froth" or ‘foam’ mousse which is a rich, airy dish that can be either sweet or savory. Hot or Cold dessert mousses are usually made with fruit purée or a flavoring such as chocolate. Their fluffiness is due to the addition of whipped cream or beaten egg whites and they're often fortified with gelatin..

If this mousse, could be produced from egg and cream in the form of eating stuff, definitely all non vegitarians will welcome it. But what about vegitarians? Most of the vegitarians could only be happy if such mousse is prepared out of fruits.

Whether the scientists who developed this Tooth Mousse will clarify on this and if they have not tried to produce it from fruits whether they will try to develop it out of fruits. If they succeed it would be a great service to the society, because most of the people in the world are sufferers of tooth pain!

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