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Mr. B.S.Y. Go forward; you are in Right Direction...!

Mr. B.S.Y. Go forward;

you are in Right


Mr. B.S.Y, You have stepped in the right direction. Don't yield to criticisms and change your mind. Always keep it in your mind that if the farmers and villages become stronger and self reliant, then state will emerge stronger.

By Nethrakere Udaya Shankara

One hundred crore to implement Organic Farming in the state, incentive of Rs. 2000 to each family which takes up organic farming in 1000 villages, Setting up of the Karnataka Agriculture Mission with which Karnataka becomes the First State in the country to setup such a body to integrate and coordinate the activities in agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, sericulture and allied activities- are the important gifts given to the Agricultural Sector of the state by Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa in his hatric budget presented to the Karnataka State Assembly on 17th July 2008.

Chief Minister himself will head the high power committee under the Karnataka Agriculture Mission which will be comprised of agricultural scientists, progressive farmers and NGO representatives besides senior officers and ministers.

Mr. Yeddyurappa, who took an oath in the name of farmers when he assumed office has also reaffirmed his commitment for the development of the farming sector by announcing various other sops like supply of free electricity to irrigation pump sets up to 10 HP, extension of farm loans from co operative institutions at 3 percent interest rate and setting up of Rs. 500 Crore revolving fund for market intervention.

He has also increased the allocation to agriculture section to Rs. 1,974 Crores this year from Rs. 1603 Crores in the 2007-08 budget to improve the agricultural productivity.

To fulfill the poll promise of supplying free power to IP sets to below 10 HP, Mr. Yeddurappa has provided an additional subsidy of Rs. 750 Crores to the electricity distribution companies. This gesture of Chief Minister is expected to benefit around 15 lakh IP sets in the state.

In view of truant played by the monsoon rains this year, the Chief Minister has announced a sop of Rs. 1000 to each small and marginal farmer family to the dry land areas which has lost both seeds as well as fertilizer. Rs. 500 Crore allocated in the budget for this purpose.

But most important thing which I, observed in the budget presented by B.S. Yeddyurappa is a plan to value addition of Cow Dung and Cow Urine which will have long-lasting impact on farmers.

To add the value to Cow Dung and Cow Urine, just like Cow Milk, Chief Minister has announced the the programme of 'Mahatma Gandhi Cow Based Rural Employment (Mahatma Gandhi Govu Adharita
Gramodhyoga)'. He said that the programme would be implemented in two districts i.e. Shimoga and Mysore in the beginning.

Chief Minister expected that this programme will increase the income level of rural people.

Sri Raghveshwara Bharthi Swamiji of Ramachandrapura Mutt, who started his 15th Chaturmasya in Bangalore has welcomed this programme and appealed to extend it to all districts of Karnataka.

Sri Raghaveshwar Swamiji, who is heading the movement for to safeguard the Indian Breeds of Cows by by the unique scheme 'Kamadugha', has already setup several Gou Shalas in the state and supporting the small scale industries base on Cow Dung and Cow Urine.

Ramachandrapura Mutt has already released several such products like Cow Urine medicine like Arka, tooth powder, shampoo, bindi, cosmetics etc apart from popularizing Organic Fertilizer made out of cow dung and cow urine.

The High Power Committee headed by Chief Minister for Karnataka Agriculture Mission should make use of the experience of such attempts.

Organic Fertilizers produced out of Cow dung and Cow Urine as well as earth worms and the liquid organic fertilizers like Jeevamrutha have already proved that they can boost the agricultural production at very little cost. All farmers must be given training to use such organic manure instead depending upon chemical fertilizers.

Cow Based Rural Employment Scheme will generate employment to rural areas and definitely improve their financial position, if it involve establishment of dairies to collect Cow Dung and Cow Urine in the lines of Milk Dairies apart from starting small scale industrial units based on cow and cow products. Such small scale industrial units will help not only the farmers but also the other youth of the villages who will engage themselves themselves in such activities.

Government has already announced the loan scheme with 3 percent interest to farmers. I feel this scheme should be extended to all rural people who want to establish Gobar Gas units in their houses and who want to make use of such unit’s slurry which is the best organic fertilizer to the agricultural crops. This will help the rural people to improve their health and will make them self reliant regarding fuel. They need not wait for LPG or kerosene which comes from cities to their kitchen. They also need not wait for fuel which will decrease their health by its smoke.

I have seen some farmers in Haveri District, with the support of BAIF have established gobar gas units linked to earth worm units. They feed the slurry comes out from gobar gas unit to the earth worms and get the best organic fertilizer which boosts the agricultural production.

Such linked schemes will improve the financial conditions of rural people further and boost the agricultural production.

During Vishwa Gou Sammelana organised by Sri Ramachandrapura Mutt at Hosanagara, lakhs of people saw a unique bullock cart which was producing electricity. The bullock cart improved by one Chandrakant Pathak of Modern Technical Centre Pune produced electricity by just bullock power making use of a generator and battery charger. He produced the electricity by simply fixing it to Bullock Cart.

If the Government extends the subsidized loan plan to purchase such improved bullock carts, they can produce the electricity needed to their houses while they use the bullock cart for transporting goods in the villages.

Such efforts will make farmers self sufficient regarding the needs of fertilizer, electricity and fuel and turn will definitely improve their livelihood.

With the support of Government villagers can also establish community Gou Shalas in each village. Such Gou Shalas could provide milk and gobar gas to other people and the slurry of such Gou Shalas could also be used to manufacture best organic manure.

Such Cow based rural activities will help farmers and villagers to regain the self confidence and they will come out thoughts of suicides.

Along with such measures, support should be given simple methods of rainwater harvesting, use of alternative energy sources like solar and wind in whole state without making any difference between of the cities and villages.

Mr. B.S.Y, You have stepped in the right direction. Don't yield to criticisms and change your mind. Always keep it in your mind that if the farmers and villages become stronger and self reliant, then state will emerge stronger. If agriculture sector becomes self reliant, no farmer will commit suicide and people of the state will lead happy and healthy life. Industries also go stronger.

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