Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kamsavadhe at Livermore CA

Kamsavadhe at Livermore CA

 Yakshagana is a traditional theatre form combining dance, music, dialogue, costume-makeup and stage techniques with a distinct blend of classical and folk style. Artistes bring their body, mind, spirit and oration to the rhythm to entertain the audience.

     Kamsa Vadhe (Destruction of Kamsa) is a Yakshagana storyline, depicting the triumph of good over evil. After several attempts to destroy lord Krishna, evil minded Kamsa sends his minister Akroora as a messenger to invite Krishna to a specious archery competition.  Krishna, accompanied by his brother Balarama reaches Kamsa's kingdom Mathura and destroys his evil forces and eventually Kamsa. 

Shiva Vishnu Temple, Livermore California has organised this Yakshagana. Cast:  Kamsa-Ashoka Upadhya; Akroora-Shripada Hegde; Krishna-Girish Hegde; Balarama-Shivarama Bhat; Gopika- Usha Hebbar; Rajaka-Gopal Bhat; Chanoora-Vishwanath Bhat;  Mushtika-Prashant Padubidri .   

Music: KJ Ganesh and Brothers. DJ: Chinmay Hegde. Click the image for details.

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