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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Save 1,147,995,904 Indians.

Save 1,147,995,904 Indians.

Tomorrow (14 October 2009) the GEAC meets to decide on the environmental release of GM i.e. BT Brinjal. We all know by now that GM is irreversible, dangerous and unpredictable. That it could change the world as we know it.There is just a day that separates us from this horrible technology.
Call Mr. Jairam Ramesh the environment minister on 011-24361727 or 011-24363958(If you’re calling
from outside India, dial +91-11-24361727or+91-11- 24363958) and leave a
message if you cannot get through to the minister, that you do not
want GM to be allowed into this country. And that you are no labrat.

Pass on this message to all your friends. If a call can save a life, its worth making.

Sahaja Samrudha
'Nandana', No-7, 2nd Cross,
7th Main, Sulthanpalya, Bangalore-560 032 Phone: 080-23655302 /

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