Sunday, October 30, 2011

Press Pass & Bus Pass in Karnataka: An Appeal to L.K. Advani

Press Pass & Bus Pass in Karnataka:
 An Appeal to L.K. Advani
Bangalore: In Karnataka, the first state ruled by BJP in South India, Freedom of Press is at stake. In a very calculated Move, the Government has withdrawn the Press Pass issued to journalists wef: 25-2- 2011 and concessional Bus Passes issued to journalists during the period of Sri Devaraj Urs in  1972 were withdrawn wef 22-2-2011.

The order of successive chief ministers to restore Bus Passes issued to Journalists were sidelined by the Transport Minister. He presented the order of his leader i.e. Chief Minister in the board meeting, against the rule and practice, and managed to sideline it. Even though this was brought to the notice of Chief Minister’s nothing has been done to restore it so far.

Journalists Association of Karnataka (JAK), which has taken the lead in this fight for the cause Freedom of Press is submitting an appeal to Sri L.K. Advani, “Loha Purush’ and former Deputy Prime Minister, who is on his Jana Chetana Yathra for clean administration and corruption free government, at Bangalore today, 30th October 2011, Sunday. and requests him to restore Freedom of Press in Karnataka by asking the State BJP Government to restore the Press Pass and Bus Passes of the Journalists. 

Pls click the image of Advani above to  read the PDF copy of the Memorendum.

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