Thursday, October 1, 2015

Turtle that glows sea found!

Turtle that glows sea found!
It is the First Biiofluorescent Reptile

Atlanta (Georgia, USA): Scientists discovered the very first biofluorescent reptile, CNN reported on Wednesday, 30th September 2015.

Biofluorescence is the ability for an organism to absorb light, transform it and re-emit it as a different color.

Many sea creatures have shown the ability to show single colors but this turtle is one of the first organisms to show two. So far only corals have shown two colors.

Here is some extacts from CNN Report:
That's not a "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle" floating before your eyes. You're seeing the first biofluorescent reptile discovered by scientists.

While filming small sharks and coral reefs in the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific, marine biologists had a stunning encounter with a "glowing" sea turtle.

Scientists captured footage of a hawkbill sea turtle emitting neon green and red light. The discovery was made in late July by David Gruber of the City University of New York and his team. The footage was released for the first time on Monday, 28th September 2015..

Gruber, an emerging explorer for National Geographic, described the turtle as an alien spaceship when he initially saw it swimming in the water.

"It was absolutely gorgeous," Gruber said in an interview with CNN. The turtle swam into the team's lights while they were filming coral underwater. The turtle's appearance was unexpected and took everyone by surprise, he said.

Fluorescence has helped provide a marker for scientists to see the inner workings of cells and that has partially lead to an explosion in research in the biofluorescence field, Gruber explained.

Finding a reptile that exhibits biofluorescence opens up a new set of questions: Why is a turtle emitting light? What is the chemical composition?

Unlike bioluminescence, which is when an organism produces its own light through chemical reactions, such as what fireflies do, biofluorescence is when an animal absorbs light, transforms it and radiates it, sometimes in different colors.

You can view the video of this fantastic turtle by clicking here:

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