Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Daya Nayak, back in Maharastra Police

Daya Nayak, back in Maharastra Police

Mumbai: Daya Nayak, known as ‘Encounter Specialist’, is back in Maharashtra Police Department. According to reports Dayanayak who was under suspension reinstated today, 11th January 2016 in Maharashtra Police.

Daya Nayak was working as a sub Inspector in Nagpur. Maharashtra. He joined Mumbai Police  in 1995, and rose to fame as an encounter specialist in the late 1990s. As a member of the Detection Unit, he gunned down more than 80 gangsters of the Mumbai underworld.

In 2006, he was temporarily suspended, based on allegations of criminal links and disproportionate income by a journalist with underworld links. The Anti-Corruption Bureau could not find any evidence against him, and he was reinstated by the Mumbai Police in 2012. He was transferred to Nagpur in January 2014, and suspended in July 2015 for not reporting at the posting. He was reinstated now again.

Daya Nayak was born in the Yennehole village of the Karkala taluk, Udupi District. in Karnataka, in a poor Konkani -speaking family. He studied till the 7th standard in a Kannada-medium school built by his grandfather. In 1979, he came to Mumbai, after his father asked him to earn some money to help the family. He worked at a hotel canteen, sleeping on the hotel's porch. He continued his education while working, and graduated 8 years later from the CES college in D.N. Nagar.  After graduating, he started working with a plumber as a supervisor, earning a monthly salary of  3,000. He continued staying at the hotel until he got a police job
Daya Nayak joined the Mumbai Police as a trainee in 1995. After completing his training, he was posted to the Juhu police station in 1996. His first encounter killing happened on the night of 31 December, when he shot dead two members of the Chota Rajan gang after they opened fire on him. Subsequently, he was shifted to the special squad working against the gangsters.

In 1997, he was hospitalised after being shot twice and badly wounded by a gangster. Before being shot, he managed to shoot the criminal dead in front of a huge crowd. By 2004, he had killed 83 gangsters, earning reputation as an "encounter specialist".

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