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Medicine inside a cup of tea!

Medicine inside a cup of tea!

Bengaluru:  Worrying about ageing, diabetes, depression? Don’t worry. Cup of tea could solve many such problems. Now Areca nut tea has come to market which could act as Medicine inside a cup of tea,

Areca Nut, one of the important commercial crops of the state is often cursed for its association with pan masala, gutka etc. Traders and middlemen were playing with the areca nut prices and thus with the life of growers by creating rumors about the gutka ban etc. Developing alternative areca nut products is the need of the hour to stabilize the market and ensure healthy price for the growers. Presently more than 6 lakh farmers’ families are depending upon areca nut.

Now a young researcher from the Shivamogga district of the state have developed an unique health product by using the areca nut as the raw material. It is probably for the first time in the world Areca Nut tea has been developed. This research expected to expand the areca nut market and stabilize the price.

Areca Nut tea, a brain child of young pharmacy graduate Mr. Nivedan Nempe all was released to the market on Friday, 22nd January 2016,  by Padmabhushana Rajasri Dr. Veerendra Heggade at Bengaluru in presence of Justice M. Rama Jois (Retd), Justice Santhosh Hegde (Retd) and others .

Highlight of this new invention which was selected for the Make In India Excellence Award by the All Indian Technical Management Council (AITMC)  as the innovative product of the year 2014-15 is approved by the The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

What is Areca Tea?:

Arena Nut tea is marketed in the form of ready to use Tea bags which consist of processed Areca Granules along with secrete Ayurvedic herbs.  Areca tea is sweet to taste even without sugar as areca gives natural sweetening. Areca tea has got natural aroma of areca as well as flavour of areca. As areca nut contains tannin, polyphenol, fatty acids and mineral contents it has several health advantages compared to traditional tea powders.

As areca tea high parentage of tannin, tea concept has been developed since tannin is the main content of regular tea. Areca nut has been processed in six different steps to remove alkaloids leaving all other health beneficial components as it is. Tannin and other health beneficial molecules dissolve in water and can be used as tea.

Research has proved that areca nut tea works as appetiser, anti-oxidant, antidepressant, anti-aging etc.  As a result areca tea works against ageing, diabetes, depression and other problems.

Mr.  Nivedan Nempe, who have developed this areca nut tea has a humble background. Mr. Nivedan who was born and brought up in Mandagadde village in Shivamogga district, studied in government Kannada medium primary school high schools. Later he pursued his degree in Pharmacy as he was keen towards research, especially in Indian heritage medicinal methods. When he was in final year of pharmacy, he presented a paper in international Pharma conference in Gulbarga and he was offered by Swinburne University of Technology for Higher education in Good Manufacturing & Management Technology. He travelled several Australia, New Zealand, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Dubai where he worked for several companies at different levels. But as his life's motto was serving the mother country, he returns to India and launches his own company called Mystic Aromatics to develop new concept-based product. First product developed by his company was Recycled paper Air fresheners. Now he is launching this Areca Nut tea which expected to bring smiles back on the lakhs of areca nut growers especially from Malnad region.

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