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Monday, January 25, 2016

Vivekananda, Bose contents chopped out by NCERT!

Vivekananda, Bose contents chopped out 
CEC Pulls up NCERT and asks to disclose reasons
  New Delhi:  The CIC has pulled up NCERT for 
chopping out content on national leaders like Subhas Chandra Bose and revolutionaries from its text books and directed it
to suo-moto disclose the reasons behind such decisions.

          In a strict order, the Commission asked NCERT to disclose why content on Swami Vivekananda was reduced from 1250 to 37 words in Class XII history books and completely removed from Class VIII books.  The case reached Information Commissioner Sridhar Acharyulu through a plea of Jaipur-based Suryapratap Singh Rajawat, who criticised non-inclusion of history of eminent personalities and revolutionaries in the NCERT books.
          Through a series of RTI applications and public grievance application, Rajawat claimed content on 36 national leaders and revolutionaries like Chandra Shekhar Azad, Ashfaqullah Khan, Batukeshwar Dutt, Ram Prasad Bismil among others was completely missing from history text books of NCERT.
          Not getting satisfactory reply, he approached the transparency panel. During the hearing before the CIC, Rajawat asserted that it was not appropriate to give 37 pages to cricket and history of cloth but nothing on the lives of freedom fighters.

          Rajawat submitted a table in which the photos of these great persons was inserted with a tag 'not found' in NCERT text books.  The official representing the NCERT said all the suggestions made by the appellant will be placed before the Syllabus Revision Committee and would implement the committee's recommendations as given by them.

          Professor Neeraj Rashmi, representing NCERT, said they could not interfere with the independent committee which decides the content of lessons and textbooks. In his arguments, Rajawat claimed that prior to 2007 NCERT contained 500 words about Netaji in Class VIII and 1250 words in Class XII text books whereas now in Class XII only 87 words are given while in Class VIII his mention is totally missing.

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