Saturday, March 12, 2016

Big fat 'dog' wedding in U.P

Big fat 'dog' wedding in U.P
Lucknow: In a bizarre incident, over 5000 people attended a canine wedding in Pawara village of Kaushambi district of Uttar Pradesh, ANI reported on Saturday, 12th March 2016.

The marriage took place as per Hindu traditions in the Pawara village which welcomed the guest with full fervour.

The attendees came to the ceremony dancing to the tunes of DJ. The 'groom' Shagun belonged to Basant Tripathy, while the 'bride' Shaguniya belonged to Jung Bahadur.

Traditional Indian cuisine was served to the attendees, who came for the wedding.

Jung Bahadur gave a tearful send off to Shaguniya, who departed along with her groom in a car. 

Watch Video here by clicking the image below:
 Big Fat "DOG' Wedding in U.P

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