Friday, July 22, 2016

Shooting rampage in German shopping mall

Shooting rampage in German shopping mall

Gunmen went on a shooting rampage in a shopping mall in the southern German city of Munich on Friday, 22ns July 2016 killing and wounding many people, police said. According to ANI report about 15 people killed.

Authorities were evacuating people from the Olympia mall but many others were hiding inside. The Bavarian Interior Ministry said three people were dead, NTV television reported. A Munich police spokeswoman said multiple people were killed or wounded.
"We believe we are dealing with a shooting rampage," the spokeswoman said.  More than one gunman was believed to be involved and no one had been arrested, she said.
"We believe there was more than one perpetrator. The first reports came at 6 p.m., the shooting apparently began at a McDonald's in the shopping center. There are still people in the shopping center. We are trying to get the people out and take care of them."

Police special forces had arrived at the scene, NTV said.

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