Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Prakash Shetty 'The Fool' Returns..!

Get ready to have the punch of Prakash Shetty’s lines in PARYAYA. He is one of the best Cartoonists that India produced, who has drawn thousands and thousands of caricatures of common men like you and me, apart from caricatures of famous personalities.

Nethrakere Udaya Shankara

Some time back I received a post. It looked peculiar. When I opened it there was a surprise to me. It was an invitation by a Fool for the Griha Pravesham of his house "Fools Paradise’!
Yes. This Fool is none other than Mr. Prakash Shetty, one of my best friends for more than a quarter century!

On that day of his entering Fools Paradise, my another friend BaNaSu (B.N. Subrahamanya) pointed towards a boy and asked me how he looks? Doesn't he look like Prakash Shetty?

His observation was correct. That Boy looked like Prakash Shetty of a Quarter Century ago! That boy is Prakash Shetty's son. Prakash Shetty, B.N. Subrahmanya, Ganesh Kasaragodu, R. Narasimha, Shyam, G.K. Madhyastha, Narasimha Shetty, Ganapathy, Keshava Vittla, Chidambara Baikampady, Manjunath Bhat, Dinesh Amin Mattu, B.M. Haneef, Mohammad, Vihwa Kundapura, Viju Poonachcha, Panju Gangolli and many others including me worked together at several points of time in papers like Praja Prabhutwa, Times of Deccan, Chitradeepa, Munjane, Chitra Tara and Mungaru. For some time myself and Prakash were housemates in Chitrapur of Mangalore, which is situated near pleasant Arabian Sea.

Years passed, but memories remained in our hearts. Prakash went to Kerala State to work in the famous weekly The Week and grown as one of the welknown cartoonists of the country. This is proud thing to us. After several years, now Prakash returned to Karnataka, that too to Bangalore and entered his own house 'Fools Paradise'

'PARYAYA' is proud to introduce him in this blog. Here is his brochure and a Cartoon Chuchhu.. Which he contributed to PARYAYA.

In Future too you can have the punch of Prakash Shetty's lines.

This cartoon CHUCHHU is regularly appearing in 'VARTHA BHARATHI' Kannda Daily from Mangalore, hence, cour'tesy goes to this daily also.

So now get ready for:

CHUCHHU ಚುಚ್ಚು..

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