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Prakash Shetty with Paintoons!

Prakash Shetty with Paintoons!

Now you can see  the Paintoons of Prakash Shetty which are neither complete cartoon nor cloning, not even hybrid at Cartoonists Gallery, Indian Institute of Cartoonists, Bangalore. The exhibition will be kept opened till 27th of September 2008.

Nethrakere Udaya Shankara 

Prakash Shetty, who calls himself as 'Fool' as he born on Fools Day in 1960 at Mangalore in Dakshina Kannada District is one of the wonderful cartoonists of the India.

 He did B.A., but studied more cartooning than Economics or History. At the age of 16 he addicted to cartooning and never stopped it till today. His caricatures of common people if counted properly could be one of World Record!

Prakash Shetty started funny career with 'Santhosha', a Kannada monthly from Mangalore. Later he worked for some weak newspapers till he got a break with 'The Week' Magazine. (If one remembers the papers and magazines he worked like Prajaprabhutva, Chitradeepa, Munjane, Chitratara and Mungaru all closed down due to various reasons- aren't they are 'weak' papers?).

New millennium year made Mr. Prakash Shetty to change his track. Thus born '2 minutes spot caricature'. Now he is one of the few fastest, wackiest and entertaining spot caricature performers in the world.

He is seen mostly in get together, corporate events, conferences, malls etc. Many people got 'Caricature Album' from him in which he shot the caricatures in the occasions like marriage party also!

His record is 150 caricatures in 10 hrs. People around the world are proud collectors of his caricatures. IT Bangalore, Microsoft, Taj Group of Hotels, Prestige home appliances, Dr. Reddy's Lab, Torrent, HSBC, ICICI, DHL, Johnson, MPEDA world sea food fair, Toyota, Tata Moters, Asian Paints, Bosch, IBM, Air tell, Vodafone took his service to make people laugh at themselves.

What are his achievements?

Just look at some of his unique achievements.

In 1987 exhibited cartoons in 25 different places in Karnataka. (I can't forget my memorable days with him while we worked and lived together in Mangalore during Mungaru days in 1985-1987 and during sale of his book Kittoo on the streets of Bangalore (1987-1988) where I was the model to him to sketch caricatures to attract people!).

Later he drawn 45 ft long mural cartoons in a pub near Mangalore and 40 ft/ 10ft group caricatures (250 persons) for GE Bangalore.

One of his cartoon paintings was auctioned by Heart Beat Foundation, USA, for the Rotary Club Pacemaker Project Fund and it fetched 6000 Dollars.

The sale proceeds from painting exhibition on 'Kargil Memories' were donated to war relief fund.

He did 30 meter long cartoons on the walls of Hotel Woods Manor, Cochin in view of New Year celebrations.

Kerala Lalita Kala Academy sponsored his solo painting exhibition.

He had published 3 books (Vare Kware, Kittoo and Sorry, I am a born fool).

At present he does cartoons for MJ Akbar's 'Covert' and daily cartoons for Vartha Bharathi (Mangalore), Mysore Mitra (Mysore) Munjavu (Karwar) simultaneously.

His caricature mixed painting 'Paintoons' exhibition is on show now at Cartoon Gallery in Indian Institute of Cartoonists, No. 1, Midford House, Midford Garden, Off M.G. Road (near Big Kids Kemp), Bangalore till 27th of September 2008.

Mr. Anup Krishna Bhat Nethrakere and Madhu Bhat Purlupady ( have catched some of his 'Paintoons' and created a Video with background music and you can view it here. But don't forget this is just a Jhalak of Paintoons, to get the full enjoyment visit the exhibition once.

Interested could contact Mr. Prakash Shetty over phone 28606030/ 9449500294 or e-mail: 


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