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Mahatma's dream: Realizing under Kamadugha..!

Mahatma's dream: Realizing

 under Kamadugha..!

Gou Matha is considered as Kamadhenu and moving temple by people of India. It is life companion of farmers. That's why they worship Cow also during festival season of Navarathri and Deepavali. Mahatma Gandhi, father of the nation also propagated the protection of cows. But slaughtering of cows continued in India even after 60 years of Independence. Shree Raghaveshwara Bharathi Swamiji rightly said that the Movement for Cow Protection 'Kamadugha' is Second war of Independence.  

Entire World praises him today for his teachings of non-violence and Satyagraha. United Nations Organization declared his birthday as International Day of Non-violence. About 150 nations including Great Briton in the world brought commemorative stamps on him. Nobel Committee which gives prestigious Nobel Awards expressed its deep regrets for its failure in giving him its prestigious Nobel Award.  He is Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi, whom the entire world knows as 'Mahatma Gandhi.

He is Father of the Nation to the people of India. He dreamt of strong self relevant Villages in India after gaining independence. He thought that Cow is the main source of Indian Agriculture and it should be protected from slaughter and he propagated the ban on Cow slaughter.

Mahatma Gandhi said 'She (cow) speaks to us through her eyes 'you are not appointed over us to kill us or to ill treat us but to be our friend and guardian.'

Entire world remembers today Mahatma during his birthday and forgets what he told. That is why more than one lakh Farmers in India committed suicide and still committing suicides apart from thousands and thousands of cows are butchered in Indian slaughter houses.

We call Cow or Gou as Kamadhenu- gratifier of wishes. What have we given her back?

Cow in India is accorded a special status as she enriches both material and spiritual existence of humanity. She is a loving mother who feeds us with her nectar like milk, a life companion to farmers, a healer and a moving temple worthy of worship and veneration. A look, a touch, her mere presence purifies our body, mind and soul. Yet what have we given her back?

Only disgrace, destruction and death.

Even after the historic judgment of the seven judge constitutional bench of Supreme Court of India headed by Chief R.C. Lohoti, upholding the ban on cow slaughter (on 26 October 2005), butchering of cows, calves and bullocks is continuing in the whole nation without any restrictions.
Why should we save the desi cattle?

In the course of evolution through ages, Indian cows have developed characteristics which are acclaimed all over the world.

Indian Cows are sturdy, disease resistant, and adaptable to different climates and countries. They are easy and economical to maintain. They have oily smooth skin, absorb energy from the sunrays through a solar pulse on their back, and hence yield high quality milk which has less cholesterol.

Panchgavya, made out of Desi Cow (milk, ghee, curds, urine and dung) has many medicinal properties used in Gavya Chikitsa to cure ailments like cancer, arthritis stomach disorders and skin diseases. Moreover only desi bullocks can be used in agriculture and transport. There is no need of mentioning about the best organic manure produced out of cow dung and cow urine and fuel in the form of gobar gas. In other words Cow is the nerve of rural economy of India.

That's why Mahatma Gandhi propagated to protect Cows.

But such a treasure house of wealth has reached the verge of extinction due to human greed, ignorance and neglect. 

Pained at this condition of Cows, Shree Raghaveshwara Bharathi Swamiji of Shree Ramachandrapura Math Hosanagara launched project Kamadugha for conservation, and rejuvenation of Desi cattle which are drastically dwindling in numbers.

Under this noble project Kamdugha, Math has established several Amruthadhara Goushalas in various places of India including Karnataka, Kerala and Maharastra. It searched and located about 27 verities of Indian Breeds in Karnataka, Maharastra, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and North India and arranged to protect and conserve these breeds in these Goushalas.

Apart from establishing Amritadhara Goushalas, Matha has started Gavya Hospitals in various places, launched Gou Yathras to spread the truth far and wide and to awaken people on the noble cause of Cow Protection. It has organized Vishwa Gou Sammelana, Gou Sandhyas and Koti Neerajana, Deepa Gopura programmes to create awareness on cow protection in the society.

Ramachandrapura Matha also supported several attempts of value additions to Cow Urine and Cow Dung. Project Kamadugha also subscribes to the ancient truth that milk production is not the primary goal of cattle rearing. The economic viability of cattle rearing is due to the full and proper utilization of cow urine and dung. Hence it supported extensive research works on application of cow urine and cow dung. As result of such research works many medicines, tablets, shampoo, tooth powder, bath soap, ointment, dhoopa, pesticides and cosmetics have been produced and gaining popularity among people due to its effectiveness and cheap rates. Latest addition to such attempt is production of floor cleaner by making use of cow urine.

Inspired by such activities of Swamiji and his affection towards cows’ two boys Anup Krishna Bhat Nethrakere and Madhu Bhat Purlupady created a small video on Swamiji with Cows. They imagined cow as Devi 'Nandini' and set the devotional song to the video where they clubbed several pictures of Swamiji and Indian breeds of cows being protected under Kamadugha Project.

View it here, enjoy and please generously donate to Kamadugha Project, so that Cows will be protected and in the process our farmers will be saved from wrath of globalization. 

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