Friday, December 5, 2008



Campaigners Light a Candle in memory of victims of senseless attacks in Mumbai.

Over 2,000 people gathered on the steps of the Town Hall in Bengaluru on the evening of 29th November, Saturday, in a strong statement of strength against projects the destroy lives, livelihoods and greenery in Bangalore. This gathering was a follow-up to the Walk to Reclaim Bengaluru that was organised as an initiative of Hasiru Usiru on 9th November. More details at

Everyone gathered held a candle through the evening in memory of the victims of the senseless attacks in Mumbai. A moment of silence was observed in memory of our brave soldiers and especially those who have laid down their lives to ensure safety for thousands. Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan was especially remembered as a fellow Bangalorean who made the ultimate sacrifice in an act of extraordinary courage to protect his subordinates and the lives of tens of civilians caught in the cross fire.

Saturday's gathering witnessed excellent response for communities affected by the road widening and Metro projects in Bangalore. The Avenue Road Traders Association decided to down shutters for the evening, and every shopkeeper along with workers trooped to Town Hall, raising slogans against the illegal and destructive road widening projects. Similarly, those affected by road widening in Chamrajpet, Infantry Road, Devanga Hostel Road, Tannery Road, Banaswadi Main Road, and tens of other roads joined this Campaign in large numbers.

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