Friday, December 31, 2010

Wage Boards Recommends Wage Hike for Journalists of India

Wage Boards recommend 2.5 to 3 times hike

 The Wage Boards for Working Journalists and Non-Journalists and other newspaper employees submitted their recommendations to the Government of India on 31st December 2010 (Today) at New Delhi recommending 2.5 to 3 times hike in basic pay and fixing the retirement age at 65, PTI reports.

The revised basic pay has been computed after merging the existing basic pay, the dearness allowance and the 30 per cent interim relief already granted besides 35 per cent variable pay, said Chairman of the Boards Justice G R Majithia.

The recommendations have been proposed to be implemented from January 8, 2008.

Taking into account the concept of grade pay introduced in the Sixth Pay Commission, the Boards introduced 'variable pay' for all employees working in newspaper establishments and news agencies. Consequently, the Boards proposed a variable pay of 35 per cent. This will be implemented from July 1, 2010.

"As per the recommendation, current basic pay would rise by 2.5 to 3 times," a wage board official said.

According to an official of the Wage Boards, the basic pay at the entry level could be anywhere around Rs 9,000 while the basic pay drawn at the senior level could be around Rs 25,000 in a category 1 media house.

"We have also proposed establishment of a permanent tribunal to redress grievances between employers and employees," Majithia said after presenting the recommendations to Labour and Employment Secretary Prabhat Chaturvedi.

The recommendations would be examined by the Ministry before they are tabled before the Union Cabinet for approval, Chaturvedi said..

Employees organisation welcomes Wage Boards recommendations

The Confederation of Newspapers and News Agencies Employees Organisations  welcomed the recommendations of the Wage Boards for working journalists and non-journalists and other newspaper employees.

It said though wage board members were not allowed voting on some crucial issues, the confederation was happy that some of their important demands have been met.

"We are happy that employees have been able to get some important demands through even though members were not allowed voting on some crucial issues," said general secretary of the confederation M S Yadav.

The Wage Boards which submitted their recommendations to the Government today recommending 2.5 to 3 times hike in basic pay and fixing the retirement age at 65.

Leaders of other unions also expressed mixed reactions to the recommendations. They included senior leader National Union of Journalist (India) N K Trikha, President of Indian Journalists Union Suresh Akhouri, General Secretary All India Newspaper Employees Federation Madan Talwar, President of Federation of PTI Employees Union John Gonsalves and President of UNI Workers Union M L Joshi..

Harishchandr Bhat, President, Journalists Association of Karnataka (JAK) at Bangalore welcomed the report and termed it as 'Good verdict'. Pointing out the main recommendations i.e. 3times increase in basic pay. Entry level basic at 9000. Senior level 25000. Date implementation 8-2008. 35 % variable pay. Permanent Tribunal for implementation and grievances redressal. Retirement age 65, He said it is really very good package.

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