Sunday, October 11, 2015

CBI raids bank of Baroda

CBI raids bank of Baroda

Rs.6,172 cr #black money transferred to #Hongkong?

New Delhi:  The #CBI on Saturday, 10th October 2015 conducted raids at a north Delhi branch of the Bank of Baroda dealing with forex in connection with "cash" deposits of Rs.6,172 crore which were later "sent to Hong Kong".

The raids came a day after #Congress hit out at the #Narendra Modi government in relation to the transactions at the Bank of Baroda branch, saying they were in contravention of rules.

Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) sources said the raid was conducted at the #Ashok Vihar branch which deals with forex. Raids were also conducted at some other locations but details were not immediately available. The raids are still in progress.

Congress spokesperson # R.P.N. Singh had on Friday said that "black money" amounting to Rs.6,172 crore had been sent out of the country to get commodities such as pulses, rice and cashewnuts but it was not enquired if the commodities were received or not.

Demanding an independent probe into the "scam", Singh had said the money was deposited as advance in 59 accounts of the bank and three of the Indian companies were not traceable on the addresses mentioned by them.

Singh said the government was aware of the "#scam" as the bank had conducted an inquiry and asked why no FIR had been registered.

He had alleged that bank officials had the "patronage" of finance ministry officials and asked the government to come clean on the issue.

"This government tells us that it had brought Rs.4,000 crore of black money back. But in one-and-a-half years, Rs.6,172 crore has gone to Hong Kong....Money is going out and that too without documents," Singh had alleged.

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