Friday, December 25, 2015

A Unique day in Indian Deplamacy!

A Unique day in Indian Deplamacy!
New Delhi: Breakfast in Kabul, tea in Lahore & dinner in Delhi! That is how Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Moved fast on Saturday, 25th 2015. He had breakfast in Afghanistan, Tea in Lahore and  Dinner in Delhi.

In the day of such unique diplomacy Mr. Narendra Modi had discussions with Afghan President , Prime Minster and other leaders of Afghanistan in the morning, then he suddenly called the Prime Minster of Pakistan Mr. Nawaz Sheriff to tell him birth day wishes, and surprised him telling that in a special gesture he will have a stopover at Lahore and visit his house on the occasion of his birthday.

Stunned Sheriff personally came to Lahore Airport to welcome him. As soon as Modi landed at Lahore Airport, Sheriff took him on chopper to his ancestral palace near Lahore and had discussions with Modi's favorite ‘Chay pe Charcha’. Before leaving Pakistan Modi blessed the granddaughter of Sheriff whose marriage ceremony was taking place.

Nawaz Sheriff, who welcomed Modi at Airport personally, accompanied him till airport while Modi departed Pakistan after his surprise visit to Pak. Eventurally, Modi became the First Indian Prime Minister to Visit Pakistan after visit of then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajapeyee 16 years ago!  The great thing is that the day, on which Modi visited Pakistan after 16 years was the birth day of Atal Bihari Vajapeyee. After coming back to India Modi visited Ataljji and wished him on the occasion of birthday.

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