Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Escped from Police, Eaten by alligator!

Escped from Police, Eaten by alligator!

Barefoot Bay, Florida:  A burglar was killed after he was eaten by an alligator while hiding from police, reportedon Tuesday, 8th December 2015.

Matthew Riggins was hiding from police in a lake in Barefoot Bay, Florida, after attempting to steal from homes.

He had called his girlfriend to say he was being chased by police.

However, he never returned home and was reported missing the following day.

His body was later found in the lake but when rescuers pulled it from the water they were nearly attacked by an enormous alligator.

It was later killed and Riggins’ hand and foot were found in its stomach.

Speaking to Bay News, resident Laura Farris said: “He hid in the wrong place.”

On the night of his death, Riggins had told his girlfriend he was going to steal from homes.
He never returned home and a missing person investigation was launched the following morning.  His body was found ten days later.
What is AllIgator?

(Alligator is a large semiaquatic reptile similar to a crocodile but with a broader and shorter head, native to the Americas and China.)

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