Tuesday, January 19, 2016

"Kaanmane' selected for National Film Festival

'Kaanmane' selected for National Film Festival
Bengaluru: 'Kaanmane-nurturing Nature' , documentary film directed by writer Dr. Niranjana Vanalli has been selected for National Science Film Festival, to be held on February 9-12 at Mumbai.

The film produced by Gopinath of EMRC(Educational Multimedia Research Center University of Mysore) is one among 12 films selected out of 144 films received from all over India. It is the documentary of 15 minutes.

"Kaanmane' is the documentary on domestic knowledge experiment in environment education held at Kaanmane Nisarga Jnana Kendra. where Journalist Naa.Karanta.Peraje lessoned to children.

Peraje in his blog 'Hasirumane' expressed happiness for selection of film to National Science Film Festival. He added that he feel happy to give lessons on nature to children, but the same process in front of camera was boring. However he is happy now as the film selected for National Film Festival.

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