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Comprehensive India under one roof

Comprehensive India under one roof
Indological Museum For the first time in Karnataka

Bangalore: Indology is the comprehensive study of eternal Indian life style including Indian culture, history, tradition and literature. Its range involves neighbouring countries of India as well. A silent effort to showcase the cultural values of indiscrete India has started in Bangalore.

Dr. B R Bharathi, a dedicated Indologist has taken up this task through her Navadurga Trust for Indology Studies and Research(R). She is preparing to set up the museum and is looking for a suitable place. She is also expecting cooperation from donors in the form of donations. Bharathi has also ventured in to fund-raising by showcasing Indian art and culture. As a part of this effort a Kathak dance show is organised on April, 06 at Chowdaiah Memorial convention hall and the other on April 07 at Dayananda Sagar college convention hall. Renowned Kathak dancer Nirupama Rajendra is going to perform in the shows.

What is an Indological Museum?
Indological museum is the dream child of Dr. Bharathi. Currently a minor effort of such museum can be seen at Aksharadhama temples in Gandhinagar and Delhi. There are no such efforts made in other parts of India. Back in 1992 pontiff of Ramakrishna mutt Banglaore, Sri Swami Purushotthamanandaji Maharaj suggested Bharathi to take up the study of the subject of Indology. She considered that suggestion as a challenge and made Indology her way of life. She also studied deeply history, inscriptions, library science, museums and other required skills. She also travelled across many Indian states and studied the ancient culture, tradition, religions, pottery and other art forms. She has around 1500 antiques, some of them in 3D images in her collection. Once the museum becomes operational more artefacts are expected to be added from her rich collection. Bharathi nurtures the dream of bringing culture, history and tradition of entire India under one roof.

Her father B S Ramalinga Pandith was a source of inspiration to Bharathi in her endeavour. He was a teacher at National High school and was greatly influenced by the legendary H.Narasimhaiah. Her father’s tremendous influence has been a guiding force behind Bharathi’s conviction and relentless efforts. She was fortunate enough to get support from her elder sister and brother-in law. The institutions in which Bharathi worked were conducive for her studies and collection work.

Indology is not only a vast subject but also an endless and invaluable treasure. It is a challenging task to realise the abstract thought. Deeper study and interest can only give success in this daunting task. Bharathi’s 22 years of continuous study, research has made her capable to conceptualize the museum, it has increased her confidence.
The trust established by Bharathi  (Navadurga Trust for Indology Studies and Research) is a non-profitable organisation. The five trusties involved are also working without any profit motive; they are selfless people who want the great Indian tradition of art and culture to be transferred to the next generation.
So far, there is no positive response from state and central governments. She does not have “source of money” to invoke response from the governments. But Bharathi is still hopeful and trying to make governments understand. She is convinced that people’s support is very important in this task and is working towards that direction. She expects donations from people in the form of books, or collectible artefacts. Bharathi is trying to get a minimum space of 60/80 sq.ft measurement in Bengaluru,  so that she can start off the early and primary form the Indology museum where in the entire ‘Indianness’ can be witnessed under one roof. For more details Dr. Bharathi can be contacted on her cell phone: 9845348481.

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