Monday, April 18, 2016

NASA challenge to students: Design 3D printed expandable objects

Design 3D printed expandable objects
It is NASA challenge to students!
Washington: NASA has launched a new challenge for students to design an expandable object for astronauts that can be printed using the newest 3D printer onboard the International Space Station (ISS) PTI reported on Monday, 18th  April 2016 .

To celebrate the arrival of the first expandable habitat to the ISS and the launch of the first commercial 3D printer to space, the ASME Foundation and NASA have issued a brand new Future Engineers challenge.

The ‘Think Outside the Box’ challenge asks students to design an object for astronauts that can be printed within the bounds of the newest 3D printer on the space station (10cm x 10cm x 14 cm), but can be assembled or expanded to become larger than that box, NASA said.

In space exploration, scientists and engineers often strive to make more from less. Smaller rocket payloads are needed to save cargo space and fuel, while sustainable technologies are needed to reduce, reuse and recycle what is brought to space.

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