Friday, April 8, 2016

Sihikahi Chandru to serve ‘Bombatt Bhojana’!

Sihikahi Chandru to serve 'Bombatt Bhojana'!
Sihikahi Chandru enters Food Market!
Bengaluru: Everybody knows Sihikahi Chandru. He tickled our funny bones all through his acting career. Cookery marks yet another milestone of his life’s journey. His popular TV show on cookery took the flavour of healthy and tasty food to every house. Now he has ventured into food market.

Chandru has spiced up his offerings to the food market through the launch of his own brand of Food products.  His deep research and experience helps him to create his own brand of pure and healthy Rasam, Sambar and other food products. After entertaining TV viewers through his show, now he is venturing to cater to their taste buds directly.

Some of the speciality food products from Chandru’s kitchen are first ever such products in the country. Tomatogre, Rasika Rasam, Rangeela Rasam, Kootu Sambar and energy giving Arogya Mix are being launched. The products are named very creatively so as to match their uniqueness of taste, Chamatkar Chutney, Qayamat Curry Powder, Gammath  Gojju Powder, Bombatt Belebhat, Wonder Wangibath, Pavana Puliyogre  and the list goes on. The names of the products are enough to make one’s mouth water.

There are lot of Brands currently selling Rasam, Sambar and Puliyogre in the market.  Chandru’s entry into market with the brand name Bombatt Bhojana aims at offering a different taste. Chandru hopes his products will become popular among the consumers in the same manner his TV show on cooking became a house hold name.

The company aims at giving quality food products and meeting customer requirements. Company has a vision to offer products which can meet consumer expectation and to create a long lasting relationship with the consumer. The brand ‘Bombatt Bhojana’ aims at offering easy to use food products while maintaining honesty, business ethics and efficiency. The core team of people with several years of experience form the main force behind his organisation.

Unique products:
Sihikahi Chandru himself is a well-known celebrity chef.  He has an in-depth understanding of the consumer requirements. He has spent good time to understand how to improve culinary experiences and how to meet customer expectations, as a result of which many unique products have emerged.

‘Bombatt Bhojana’ brand food items will be available in all the stores throughout Karnataka, Chandru says.

For more info, please contact: 9901122615

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