Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Do you want to lose weight? Eat these foods

Do you want to lose weight?
Eat these foods
New Delhi: Do you want to lose weight? Most of us generally try to do  everything  possible to get rid of those extra fats. One must remember besides physical exercises, it is also very important to eat the right kind of food if you want to lose weight.
Here are some foods that can help you lose weight:
Sweet potatoes
Being a rich source of fiber and beta-carotene, sweet potatoes are considered to be great source of recovery food. It also helps in losing weight.

Though many people avoids this fruit if they want to lose weight, as they are fattening. But, bananas contain high levels of potassium that help in reducing water retenstion in the body. It's high fibre content also helps to curbs the cravings.
This juicy fruit contains almost 91 per cent of water which makes it a great low-calorie option. It helps in removal of excess fluids from the body that cause excess belly fat. So, eat lots of watermelon if you want to burn your tummy fats.
Papaya is considered good for digestion as the fruit contains an enzyme named papain that helps to break down food faster, flattens your belly and reduces bloating.

This small and juicy fruit contains rich amount of carbohydrates, vitamins and essential minerals that help in burning those extra fats and lose weight.

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