Monday, April 10, 2017

11 Indian climbers towards Mt Everest's peak!

11 Indian climbers towards Mt Everest's peak!
New Delhi: Scaling the heights of the world's tallest peak, the Mount Everest, is not an easy feat to achieve and not many people have been able to reach their target.

It takes a humongous amount of grit, courage and strength to see an Everest expedition through to its finish line and that's exactly what an 11-member ONGC team of Indian climbers seem to show.
The team has embarked on an expedition to climb the Mt Everest from Namche Bazar in Nepal.
The Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited's (ONGC) 'ONGC Everest Expedition Team' undertook the journey on Friday as part of the Indian oil and gas company's initiative to train youngsters for scaling the Mt Everest. It is the first time an Indian company has undertaken such a mission.
"This is an attempt from ONGC, with a workforce of 33000, to prepare a team of youngsters who had little or no formal knowledge or skills in mountaineering craft to attempt scale the highest peak on the Earth," said a statement issued by the Indian embassy in Nepal.
The team was selected after over 150 Everest aspirants underwent a strenuous selection process for over 15 months.
In October 2015, a 21-member ONGC team had successfully completed the trek to Everest Base Camp (17,000 feet), which became the genesis for the present expedition.
Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan had flagged off the team at a glittering ceremony held in Delhi on March 28.

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