Wednesday, April 18, 2018

TN Governor Apologises Over ‘Pat on Cheek’ Row

TN Governor Apologises Over ‘Pat on Cheek’ Row

Chennai: Tamil Nadu governor Banwarilal Purohit has apologised to a woman journalist  on Wednesday, 18th April 2018, a day after courting controversy when he diplomatically patted her cheek, apparently to parry a question.

Writing to journalist Lakshmi Subramanian, the governor said he had patted her cheek in “appreciation for the question” she had posed.

“… I gave a pat on your cheek considering you to be like my granddaughter. It was done with affection and to express my appreciation for your performance as a journalist, since I was also a member of that profession for about 40 years,” Purohit wrote in the letter.
“I do understand from your email that you are feeling hurt about the incident. I wish to express my regret and apologies to assuage your sentiments that have been hurt,” the governor added.
Reacting to the apology, Subramanian said she accepted the apology, but was “not convinced about your (Governor’s) contention”.

The incident took place when the 78-year-old Governor was about to leave the venue of the crowded press conference at the Raj Bhavan, which was all set to conclude.

The woman journalist, working with a leading English magazine said in her tweet, "I asked TN Governor Banwarilal Purohit a question as his press conference was ending. He decided to patronisingly? and without consent ? pat me on the cheek as a reply (sic)."

The journalist, Lakshmi Subramanian further said, "Here is what I have to say his excellency Governor Mr Banwarilal Purohit... so agitated... Mr Purohit. it might be an act of appreciation by you and grandfatherly attitude, but to me you are wrong (sic)."

She further said it was unprofessional behaviour and completely uncalled for to touch a stranger without consent.

Purohit was addressing a press conference where he denied any association with the professor who was arrested on Tuesday morning for allegedly advising students "to adjust with some officials" at Madurai Kamaraj University in return for higher marks and money.

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