Saturday, July 28, 2018

Hope Imran Khan's Govt Helps Build Terror-free South Asia: India

Hope Imran Khan's Govt Helps Build Terror-free South Asia: India

New Delhi: As official results of the Pakistan election confirmed Imran Khan’s PTI to be the single largest party, India on Saturday, 28th July 2018 hoped that the new government will work to build a better South Asia that is “free of terror and violence”.

The Ministry of External Affairs issued a statement to say, “We hope that new Pakistan govt will work constructively to build a safe, stable and secure South Asia free of terror and violence.”

Cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan, who is all set to become the new Prime Minister of Pakistan, addressed the nation on Thursday and said that he is willing to improve ties with India and end the blame game which has been detrimental to the sub-continent.
In its first reaction to Imran Khan’s coming to power, the Modi government on Saturday responded positively to his message and said that India desires “a prosperous and progressive Pakistan” at peace with its neighbours.
"I am a person who arguably knows the most people in India because of my days in cricket. We can resolve the poverty crisis in South East Asia. The biggest problem is Kashmir," Khan had said, suggesting that the two sides should come to the table to resolve it.

"We want to improve our relations with India, if their leadership also wants it. This blame game that whatever goes wrong in Pakistan's Balochistan is because of India and vice versa brings us back to square one," Khan said on the Kashmir situation.

He said good India-Pakistan relations will be beneficial for the entire region and suggested to increase trade ties between the two neighbours.

The India-Pakistan ties nose-dived in recent years with no bilateral talks taking place.

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