Thursday, August 2, 2018

Ola driver drives his car into the lift…!

Ola driver drives his car into the lift…!

Goregaon : Think twice before pinning your pick up location next time while using Ola App. As an Ola driver drove his cab on to the 7th floor to pick up his customer to get a 5-star rating in return, ‘Faking News’ reported.

Manoj, a resident of Goregaon and frequent ola cab user, was shocked to see this amount of customer care from his cab driver, Pradeep. On Thursday, Manoj booked a cab to go to his office, after waiting for 2 mins he noticed someone rang his house bell.

It was Pradeep who was panicking and sweating like anything. Pradeep’s Wagon R got stuck in the building lift. Totally scared, Manoj got so frightened that he even forgot to update his facebook status ‘On the way to Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport’.

Faking News reporter spoke to Manoj the very next day to understand the incident better. Manoj said, “I booked an Ola for Airport on Thursday. Almost after 5 minutes I got a call from this Pradeep asking “where are you sir?”. I said I live on the 7th floor of this building. You just come to pinned location, and give me a missed call and I’ll come down.

After 2 minutes, I heard people shouting and car horns outside my gate. When the door bell rang my wife Kuntal opened the door and the scene was abominable. Pradeep was right outside my gate to pick me up. He didn’t let me step on floor and lifted me to his car.”

Similar incident happened in Vashi last year when a cab driver Salman (name changed for safety) drove on  footpath, since the pick up location showed footpath of the palm beach road. Driver Salman wasn’t even apologetic about his act and said “Sir ye to mera roz ka hai” to the traffic policeman who asked him to pay penalty.

Manoj’s driver, Pradeep has a completely different view point. Pradeep said “Ye Sahaab log bada mach-mach karta hai. Pick up location pe na aao to 3 star dete hai pick up location pe aao toh bhi 3 star dete hai. (This Sahab people are never happy, If you don’t reach exact pick-up location they give you poor rating, and if you reach their exact pick-up location still they give you poor rating. I want 5-star, my son loves it).”

Incident became popular on social media too and one of the users said “Amazon should hire people from Ola as their delivery boys reach the exact location”. Another user quoted a news about the incident and said “No one should take their job so seriously”.

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