Friday, August 15, 2008

The Wings of Kokkrebellur

The Wings of Kokkrebellur

Era Organic has organised an interesting programme of screening of 45 minutes english film The Wings of Kokkrebellur, directed by K.P. Sasi and discussion about birds of Bangalore at Era Organic, No. 348, Dollars Colony, RMV Club Double Road, RMV 2nd stage, Bangalore-560094 on Green Tea Evening of Saturday 16th August 2008 at 6 pm .

Kokkre Bellur is a bird village near Mandya.Sometimes it has more birds than people.Painted Storks and Spotbilled Pelicans nest and breed here.The villagers care for these migratory birds as they would for their own children.

The Wings of Kokkre Belluris a film about the relationship between the birds and the people.

No Forest department or sanctuary can match the deep-rooted respect for life that the people of Kokkre Bellue have .

Suresh K.T. Chief Executive officer of Era Organic said that the film will be followed by discussion on Birds and Bangalore. Dr.S.Subramanya. Entomologist, UAS Bangalore will give imputs and moderate the discussion.

Mr. Aruldas Vijaya and Team will enthuse you with their songs.

Interested can contact Era Organic, Telephone: 080-41606003, 41606004, Mob: 9342349255., or Email:, Website:

Fish Market

PARYAYA has also received the invitation from G.N. Mohan on his Fish Market programme. Nemichandra will address this time at 6 pm on 16th August 2008, at Apta Angana, Mayflower Media House, Madhavanagar Bangalore. Thanks to Chetana for rectification.

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