Friday, November 14, 2008

Hundreds Throng for Walk to Reclaim Bangaluru..!

Hundreds Throng for

 Walk to Reclaim Bangaluru..!

About 8,500 people lent their signatures to the Ipetition to support the collective efforts of shaping Bangalore City for better tomorrow and Hundred thronged for Walk to Reclaim Bengaluru. Empowered Committee on Bangalore Roads appointed by High Court of Karnataka and Chief Minister Mr. B.S. Yediyurappa should take note of the sentiments of these people who stood for cause of future generation.

Nethrakere Udaya Shankara

Hundreds of people including children, cyclists, differently abled, senior citizens among the rest thronged at Lalbagh West Gate to walk to Town Hall, Bengaluru on 9th November 2008 Sunday to Reclaim Bengaluru under the banner of Hasiru Usiru- a network of community organisations, residents associations, project affected communities, voluntary organisations and individuals concerned about protecting equitable access to public spaces such as roads and parks in Bengaluru. 

They participated in the walk carrying posters and shouting slogans.

The walk highlighted the extensive damage that road widening and Metro Projects are causing to the city, destroying in the process lives, livelihoods, streets and thousands of trees.

This walk was also to demand an inclusive planning process in shaping our city and ensuring that short-sighted, elite induced, infrastructure development, do not cause irreversible damage to the city and ruin the lives of thousands. 

On the day of the walk, a petition addressed to the Chief Minister putting forth deep concerns of people regarding the manner in which the road-widening project and the Metro are being illegally and irrationally carried out was also circulated. In the next few days this petition would be submitted to Mr. B.S. Yediyurappa, Chief Minister of Karnataka.

Earlier to this walk to reclaim Bengaluru Environment Support Group has collected signatures from more than 08,498 individuals to the online petition ( to the Empowered Committee on Bangalore Roads. As on 11th November 2008, these 08,498 individuals have lent their signatures to the petition thereby strengthening the collective efforts towards shaping Bengalure City for a better tomorrow. This ipetition with valuable comments and suggests from public was submitted to the Empowered Committee by organizers of Walk to Reclaim Bangaluru.

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