Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gandhigiri with Flowers for BBMP Khatas

Gandhigiri with Flowers for BBMP Khatas

Bangalore: Sachidananda Nagara Nyayapara Andolana does Gandhi-Giri in front of BBMP Commissioner requesting BBMP to execute the court order.

About 100 families  met BBMP Commissioner Mr. Siddiah with roes and other flowers  on Thursday, 16th September 2010 noon by 4 pm at BBMP Head Quarters in Corporation Bangalore.and submitted memorandum demanding solvation to their Khata Problem..

Mr. Siddiah accepted the roses from everyone cheerfully and spent more than 45 minutes talking to the concerned citizens about the discrimination of BBMP officials in issuing khata certificates. He ordered Special Commissioner to review all the relevant judicial and government rulings and committed to giving a firm response within 24 hours.

Members from Loksatta, Coalition Against Corruption, Smart Vote and Namma Bengaluru Foundation joined the group in solidarity.

Observing the roses on everybody's hand Mr. Siddiah joked whether it is war of roses. He admitted that giving khatas to some persons and denying to others is unjustified.

Sachidananda Nagar Site Owners complained with the BBMP Commissioner that BBMP officials at Rajarajeshwari Nagar Zone are not obeying the Court Orders, Lokayukta directions and the orders from their higher officers in regard with registering Khata's to all without discrimination in accordance with the Civl Court Order O.S. 2355/2001.

Though Lokayukta has directed the BBMP Raja Rajeshwari Nagar Zone to issue Khatas to above said  Site owners in Sachid - ananda  Nagar, according to civil court order 2355/2001, the Rajarajeshwari Nagar BBMP Officials are using unsolicited letters from local MLA and other persons to stop issuing Khatas. This has caused tremendous agony to the site owners.

BBMP Additional Commissioner Mr. Ramachandra, who was supposed to execute the court order since March 2010, along with the other officials such as the Assistant Revenue Officer, keeps delaying the Khata issual with frivolous reasons such as MLAs letter and forged documents from private citizens. This kind of delaying tactics has been going on for more than 3 years, complained the site owners. The site owners also complained that the BBMP more than 70 to 80 khatas were issued to those who had paid “facilitation fee” through the Residents Welfare Association.

In the mean time, the sit owners suspect a conspiracy between the MLA, the Resident Welfare Association staff, and the BBMP officials and have uncovered more facts thru RTI, and today, they met the Commissioner to explain the covert operations by BBMP officials to delay the issual of Khatas to legitimate site owners in Sachidananda Nagar Layout.

The complainants have also requested Lokayukta to intervene and take suitable action against the MLA for his meddling in BBMP functions and causing obstruction to BBMP officials from performing their duties and serving the citizens of Bangalore.

After hearing the petition by the 120 site owners of Sachidananda Nagar Layout, the BBMP Commissioner has assured that he call all related fights within 24 hours and sincerly take action to solve the problem.

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-Nethrakere Udaya Shankara