Monday, August 5, 2013

MLA Muniratna promises to remove all BBMP hurdles in Sachidananda Nagara Lay Out, without bribery

MLA Muniratna promises to remove all BBMP hurdles in Sachidananda Nagara Lay Out, without bribery

Banglare: Rajarajeshwari Nagar MLA, Mr. Muniratna met with more than 400 site owners and home owners of the Sachidananda Nagara Lay Out in Rajarajeshwari Nagara , on Sunday (4th August 2013) morning. The meeting was arranged by Sachidnanada Nagara Nyayapara Andolana, (SNNA) , a registered Society, that is fighting for Khatas, Building plans and all lay out facilities without paying a single paisa of bribe to any of the public officials.

SNNA movement was started almost three years ago by a group determined site owners who opposed paying bribes, and got the Khatas and all other statutory papers from BBMP thru Lokayukta, RTI and Gandhigiri.  However, this successful movement was hindered by inappropriate interference by the former MLA from Rajarajeshwari Nagar and former Mayor of Bangalore and few BBMP Officials.

Dr. Shankara Prasad, one of the members of the SNNA movement explained, to Mr. Muniratna,  how BBMP officials avoided implementing Supreme Court order and Lokayukta order; and how BBMP officials even stopped electricity supply from BESCOM and threatened to stop BWSSB water supply. Dr. Prasad also appraised, how the local Welfare Association was acting like a conduit for collecting bribe money to pay politicians and bureaucrats.

Nethrakere Udaya Shankara Bhat, one of the key forces behind the SNNA movement gave a five point program for implementation by the new MLA, Mr. Muniratna. He requested that immediate action is required in the following areas.

BBMP to Issue khatas and building plans to all site owners of layout who have not yet got them.
Provide for reliable BWSSB water supply
Make sure BESCOM does not threaten any lay out residents.
Stop all land mafia activities in the lay out.
Provide police protection for safe living in the lay out.

MLA Muniratna, spoke to the large audience and assured that he will speak and write to BBMP Joint Commissioner, BESCOM Chief Engineer, BWSSB authorities and the police and resolve most of the issues in the next few weeks.

Muniratna also commented on the apathy of citizens in not removing non-performing elected officials, and gave the example of how Rajarajeshwari Nagar, ward 160 had voted for BJP candidate in large numbers in spite of poor performance. MLA spoke about his humble beginnings as an idli seller in Malleswaram, and his “corruption free” approach in public life.  Muniratna explained that his main motive for being in politics is to do “seva” to people.

And he also appreciated the way SNNA is forthcoming in publicly discussing the issue of corruption, as well as taking remedial measures.

SNNA members appreciated the hopeful message of MLA, and are eagerly waiting to see the outcome of his promises.

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