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Friday, September 18, 2015

Netaji might have been alive after 1945

Netaji might have been alive after 1945
Mamatha Byanarjee says she saw the documents
Kolkata:   The files related to Netaji Subash Chandra Bose which declassified by West Bengal Governement today, 18th September 2015, contained the letters showing he might have been alive after 1945 when he mysteriously disappeared and that his family was snooped upon.

This was stated by none other than Chief Miniter of West Bengal, Mrs. Mamatha Byanarjee who declassified 64 files containing more than 12,000 pages. “I have seen the documents’ she asserted.

Mamatha also demanded  the Centre also to  declassify files relating to the nationalist leader who went missing mysteriously 70 years ago.

"There are letters in the files where some people had said that Netaji might have been alive after 1945 (when he reportedly died in a plane crash)," Banerjee, who visited Kolkata Police Museum where the 64 declassified files are kept, told reporters.

"I did not get much time to go through the files. I have seen a bit of it and I have seen letters which were intercepted even after 1945 and documents which indicated that Netaji's family was snooped upon," she told the media.

Demanding the Centre to declassify files with it on Netaji, she said it is unfortunate that the mystery regarding his disappearance has remained unresolved for 70 long years.

"We do not know what happened (to Netaji). It is unfortunate. How long you can keep it under secrecy ?" she said.

"This (declassification of Netaji files by her government) is the beginning of the future. The people should know the truth. Let the Central government also declassify the files on Netaji.

"Let good sense prevail on all of us. You cannot suppress the truth. Let truth come out. It will come out today or tomorrow," Banerjee said.

Asked to comment on the perception that India's relations with some countries might be affected if files on Netaji with the Centre were declassified, the chief minister said, "Now we have got independence. There is no harm in honouring those leaders who got us independence. We should salute them. Before declassifying the files we have seen that internationally nothing will happen. If we have bilateral relation with a country it is necessary to review it." 

On questions whether there was any attempt to hide something, she said, "What you can guess, I can also. Let the country face the reality. There is nothing to hide. Why don't you (Centre) declassify the files ?" 

On whether there might be law and order problem after the declassification, she said, "I don't think there will be any. It is a mere excuse. If there is any law and order problem, we are there to tackle it.

West Bengal Government handed over the doucuments to Netaji Family after declassifying them. Now the files are open for public view at Kolkata Police Museum .

The files are also degitalised and are available in the set of 8 DVD’s. 

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