Monday, December 28, 2015

Modi coined new word ‘Divyanga’

Modi coined new word ‘Divyanga’  

New Delhi:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday, 24th December 2015 coined new word ‘Divyanga’ to address persons with disabilities.
Addressing the 15th edition of the Radio programme ‘Mann ki Baat’ mode  urged the nation to address the persons with disabilities as 'divyaang', meaning divine body as they are empowered with extra ordinary powers which we don’t have.
Prime minister referred the name of blind teacher Dileep Chauhan  of Ahmadabad who conducted Accessible India programme. Specially Challanged people have some sort of devine power, which ordinary person don’t have.

Modi recounted a phone call Dilip Chauhan telling the Prime Minister how he celebrated Accessible India in his school. After talking with Chauhan, I thought why can’t we call them as ‘Divyang’ (devine body, Modi said.
The Prime Minister also spoke about the recently launched Accessible India programme to make transport, hospitals, school buildings, parkings and lifts disabled friendly.

Modi said Action Plan for ‘Start up Inida & Stand up India’ to take the entrepreneurship to grass root level will be announced on 16th January 2016. 

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