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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Receipt For The Service Of Art

A Receipt For The Service Of Art

 Be a grass at the foot of a mountain, be a blossom to a home
Be a rock when troubles pour in relentlessly
Be a sweet treat for the humble and weak
Be a part of everyone/Get along with everyone– Mankutimma

Perhaps, these lines will remain just as sayings for a few and it is not often seen where people inculcate them in their lives. But there some rare ones amongst us, who offer their life unconditionally for the service and betterment of music and artists.Shri. Chandrashekhar Badiger,a disciple of Pt. Raghunath Nakod and a follower of Pt. Puttaraja Gavai of Gadag, is one such patron.

It is a social judgment that a financial help to an artist or a concert is the only form of a good help. But I have personally seen many artists express their times of heart-stirring moments when Chandrashekhar Badiger helped them during their ill-health and supported them in their crucial times. Many young aspiring disciples from the Gadag ashram have had shelter, food and necessities in his home for a number of days, which paved way for their careers.

Unfortunately Chandru is suffering from immense ill-health from some days now, and all the artist fraternity has decided to help him overcome this phase with strength. “Ananya Arogyadhara Nidhi” from Shri. Raghavendra’s Ananya Art Foundation will be providing the help to Chandru.

And in this case, Padmashri. Pt. M. Venkatesh Kumar will be performing. Chandru’s guru, Pt. Raghunath Nakod will be accompanying on the tabla. We have Shri Madhusudhan Bhat on harmonium and Shri Sarfaraaz Khan on saraangi. We request all the music lovers to generously do a charity of help and support to this cause through Ananya Arogyadhara Nidhi and make this purpose a kind gesture of humanity.

Date: Jan 26th 2017, 6PM

Venue: Kincha Auditorium, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Race course road, Bangalore..

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