Friday, May 9, 2008

IPL Match Schedule for cricket lovers.

IPL Match Schedule for cricket lovers.

Many readers of PARYAYA demanded some scope for sports. So it tried to give some food for sports lovers. Though cheer girls concept and auction of cricket players is not acceptable, cricket as one of the sports is acceptable. Hence PARYAYA presents here the match schedule of IPL Cricket Matches collected by:

Madhu Bhat Poorluppadi.

May 9: Jaipur v Hyderabad at Jaipur.

May 10: Bangalore v Mumbai at Bangalore; Chennai v Mohali at Chennai.

May 11: Hyderabad v Kolkata at Hyderabad; Jaipur v Delhi at Jaipur.

May 12: Mohali v Bangalore at Mohali.

May 13: Kolkata v Delhi at Kolkata.

May 14: Mumbai v Chennai at Mumbai; Mohali v Jaipur at Mohali.

May 15: Delhi v Hyderabad at Delhi.

May 16: Mumbai v Kolkata at Mumbai.

May 17: Delhi v Mohali at Delhi; Jaipur v Bangalore at Jaipur.

May 18: Hyderabad v Mumbai at Hyderabad; Kolkata v Chennai at Kolkata.

May 19: Bangalore v Delhi at Bangalore.

May 20: Kolkata v Jaipur at Kolkata.

May 21: Mumbai v Mohali at Mumbai; Chennai v Bangalore at Chennai.

May 22: Delhi v Kolkata at Delhi.

May 23: Mohali v Hyderabad at Mohali.

May 24: Delhi v Mumbai at Delhi; Chennai v Jaipur at Chennai.

May 25: Bangalore v Hyderabad at Bangalore; Kolkata v Mohali at Kolkata.

May 26: Jaipur v Mumbai at Jaipur.

May 27: Hyderabad v Chennai at Hyderabad.

May 28 and 29: Rest days.

May 30: First semi-final at Mumbai.

May 31: Second semi-final at Mumbai.

June 1: Final at Mumbai.

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