Friday, September 19, 2008

Green Tea Homage to Fukuoka

Green Tea Homage to Fukuoka

Era Organic has organised Green Tea homage to Mr. Masanobu Fukuoka, on Saturday 20th September 2008 by pm at Era Organic premises. It has organised the Photo Exhibition of Fukuoka on 20th and 21st September also.

Era Organic has organised Green Tea evening on Saturday, 20th September 2008 by 5 pm at Era Organic premises, Era Organic, #348, Dollars Colony, R.M.V Club Double Road.
R.M.V. II Stage, Bangalore 560 094.

This evening was kept to pay homage to Mr. Masanobu Fukuoka, the father of natural farming who was expired on 16th of August 2008 by Era Organic .

On the same day there will be release of two Kannada books 'Hasiru honnu singara' and 'Muppilladede sudheerghayu hejje' written by Dr. Poornima Bhat.

Nadoja L.Narayana Reddy, a senior organic farmer will preside the programme.

Sri.Santhosh Koulagi, Trustee Janapada Seva Trust Melukote
and Sri Shivananjappa Balekai, organic farmer from Tiptur
will participate in the function.

Dr. S.R.Leela. MLC and Sri. Kalakappa G.Bandi, MLA, Rona
will be our chief guests on the occasion.

Mr.  N.J.Antony, Director, Bharath Yatra Kendra, Agali, Kerala will participate in the function along with his Photographs of Masanobu Fukuoka.

The photo exhibition will be continued till 21st evening.

Mean time Sri. Krishnamurthy Biligere showed his interest to sing
songs on natural farming.

Bhoomthaya balaga boys and girls are ready with their song on Fukuoka.

About Fukuoka
Masanobu Fukuoka (February 2, 1913 – August 16, 2008) is the author of One-Straw Revolution, The Road Back to Nature and The Natural Way Of Farming, was one of the pioneers of no-till grain cultivation. His system is referred to as "natural farming", Fukuoka Farming, or the Fukuoka Method.

Trained as a microbiologist in his native Japan, he began his career as a soil scientist specializing in plant pathology. At age 25, he began to doubt the wisdom of modern agricultural science. He eventually quit his job as a research scientist, and returned to his family's farm on the island of Shikoku in Southern Japan to grow organic mikans. From that point on he devoted his life to developing a unique small scale organic farming system that does not require weeding, pesticide or fertilizer applications, or tilling. He advocated natural farming in various parts of Asia and Africa and also made efforts at greening deserts using such ideas as enclosing seeds in clay pellets.

He got Deshikottam Award, India's most prestigious award, and the Philippines' Ramon Magsaysay award for public service, both in 1988.

About the photo Exhibition:
During 2002 October, Mr.Fukuoka was in Navdhanya Farm, Dehradun. Mr. N.J.Antony was also with him for about 10 days and he had taken photographs.

Please note: On 21st evening 5.30 to 6.30 pm there will be an informal discussion with Mr. Antony. 

So why not make yourself free on 20th Sept from 5 to 8 pm and join the function?

For details you can contact Suresh, K.T. Chief Executive Officer, Mob:9342349255 or contact over Phone:: 41606003, 41606004,

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