Saturday, September 27, 2008

Oh! Walkathan for water !

Oh! Walkathan for water !

Wherever he goes he searches for water related issues or water related photos. He is Shree Padre, journalist from rural area. Last week he was in Rajasthan on a tour for seminar and village visits to see waterworks in Rajasthan.

He sent one photo he shot at Rajasthan.

Governments, one after one, spend crores of Rupees to provide drinking water to urban people. If a day goes without water, urban people start agitation and pelt stones on public transport vehicles!

But what is the pathetic condition of rural people?

Even today they have to walk miles together to get a potful of water. It is the condition of not one or two days. Entire year woman folk in several villages even today walk miles to get water while several urban people waste it, even without thinking for just a minute about village conditions.

Photo shot by Shree Padre here tells one more such story. Isn’t it?

Thanks Shree Padre for mailing this photo.

-Nethrakere Udaya Shankara

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