Monday, January 18, 2016

NASA favours Women Astronauts now!

NASA favours  Women Astronauts now!

Washington DC: In 1962 National Aeronautics and Space Administration ‘NASA’  said that, it has no programme of recruiting women as Astonauts. But recently when the space agency announced its latest astronaut class, people were really excited because half of them were women.

Two and a half years on, Jessica Meir, 38, Anne McClain, 36, Christina Hammock Koch, 37, and Nicole Aunapu Mann, 38 are well into their training. Already Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams of Indian origin attained world-fame.
In 1962, one lady Miss Kelly submitted the application aspiring to become the astronaut.

Do you know what was reply from NASA?

‘This is to advise that we have no existing program concerning women astronauts nor do we contemplate any such plan. ‘We appreciate your interest.’- This is the reply from NASA.

The newly recruited women expressed their joy  as under:

Anne McClain:   ‘No one cares about race or religion or nationality in space travel. We’re all just part of Team Human.’

Nicole Aunapu Mann:  ‘I’m probably one of the few astronauts who didn’t know that’s what I wanted to do as a kid. “Astronaut” seemed like a far-fetched dream.

‘It wasn’t until my first tour in Iraq flying fighter jets with the Marine Corps that I realized one day I might actually be a good candidate. Going into space will be the absolute coolest thing in the world.’

NASA appoints a new class of prospective astronauts around every five years, and competition is extreme with thousands of highly qualified astronauts applying.
The space agency said no quota was in place; they just chose the best candidates.

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