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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Governor returns the Sakrama ordinance

Government attempt to bring it ahead of

BBMP elections fails

Governor returns the Sakrama ordinance

Bangalore, Jan 14: Karnataka Governor H.R. Bharadwaj has rejected the State Governments plea to promulgate the Sakrama ordinance and returned it back to the Government on today, January 14 Thursday 2010. With this the Governments attempt to implement the Revised Sakrama Scheme before the BBMP elections has suffered a setback.

This writer wrote an article opposing the implementation of the Sakarma scheme in the Blogs 'SPARDHA' and 'PARYAYA' and wrote a letter to Honorable Governor on 13th January 2010 requesting not to give his assent to the Ordinance and appealed to send it back to the Government. The links to the above said article was also quoted in the letter. (Pls open the links and read letter and articles)

Several Prominent citizens including Karnataka Lokayukta Justice Santosh Hegde also opposed the scheme of Akrama Sakrama. Even Political Parties like Congress and Janatadal opposed attempt of Government to promulgate ordinance on Akrama Sakrama.

Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa refused to react on the Governors action while Congress and Janatadal leaders welcomed the Governors action.

To ensure that the proposed Sakrama scheme is implemented before the model code of conduct for BBMP polls comes into effect, the State government on 13th January 2010 urged Governor H R Bhardwaj to promulgate an ordinance in this regard.

Bangalore in-charge Minister R Ashok met the Governor at Raj Bhavan and submitted the draft of Sakrama ordinance. He also appraised the Governor on the scheme.

Speaking to the media, he said: “The talk with the Governor was fruitful. He said that the ordinance on Sakrama, applicable to the entire State, is being taken into consideration and accordingly a decision will be taken.”

When asked that why the Bill was not presented in front of the recently concluded winter session of the Assembly, the Minister blamed the Opposition for disrupting the house proceedings and not allowing the Government to discuss the matter.

“Following the disruption of the House by the Opposition, it was impossible to discuss the matter in the Assembly. They did not even let the Speaker’s election process to go ahead smoothly,” he said.

In his meeting with the Governor, the Minister tried to convince the former about the need of passing this ordinance for the benefit of the lower strata of people who are living in perennial fear of losing their properties. “There are nearly seven lakh properties in the City alone that need to be regularised. It is for them that this ordinance is needed,” said Ashok.

In response to questions on whether he was confident of the ordinance being passed by the Governor before the model code of conduct for the BBMP elections come into effect, Ashok said: “We have made a request to the Governor. It is upto him to take a call on the matter.”

Sources in the Government state that while the ordinance was ready much before, there were only small technical changes made to it before being given to the Governor. “Even if it is passed by the Governor on the day of the model code of conduct, it will take only a few minutes for us to publish the ordinance,” said the source.

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Your efforts were yielded fruits, kudos to your inspirational movements.

Comment by KODAKKAL SHIVAPRASAD | January 14, 2010