Friday, September 18, 2015

Why Gandhiji asked Not to perform Netaji Shraddha ?

Why Gandhiji asked Not to
perform Netaji Shraddha ?
Kolkata: According to the members of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Family,  Mahatma Gandhiji urged the family of Netaji not to perform his Shraddha.

Why Gandhi urged them not to perform Shraddha?

It is widely believed that the New secret files on legendary freedom fighter  which declassified today, 18th September 2015 by West Bengal Government contained the document on which Gandhi came to the conclusion that Netaji not died in the alleged Taihoku  Air Crash near Taiwan on 18ty August 1945.

One  intelligence file revealed in 1997 reports that eight months after Netaji purportedly died in an air crash in at Taihoku in Taiwan on 18 August, 1945, Mahatma Gandhi had publicly said he believed Netaji was alive.

Four months after he made the statement at a prayer meeting in Bengal, Gandhiji wrote an article: "No reliance can be placed on such unsupported feeling".

The intelligence file - dated 8 April, 1946 - noted that Gandhiji ascribed the feeling to "an inner voice" but Congressmen believed it was based on secret information he got.

The file adds: "There is a secret report which says Nehru received a letter from Bose, saying he was in Russia and that he wanted to escape to India... It is probable that the letter from Bose arrived about the time that Gandhi made his public statement."

Chandra Bose, family member of Netaji says Mahatma Gandhi knew something. "Gandhi insisted that the Bose family should not perform the shraddh because there is a question mark regarding Subhas Bose's death," he said.
According to another member of  Netaji family, Mahatma Gandhi wrote all this in Harijan Paper and requested the people not to believed the theory of Netaji’s death, which he firmly belived that it was unfounded one.
The new secret files on Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose were released by the West Bengal government today and will now be open to the public.

Hidden in government and police lockers for years, 64 classified files with over 12,000 pages are on displayat the Kolkata police museum.

When the files are thrown open to the public from Monday, 19th September 2015, many ore secrets are expected to emerge on Netaji whose death has been an enduring mystery for decades.

A first look, members of Netaji's family said, confirmed what they had suspected for almost 70 years, that the Bose family was spied on by the government.

Netaji's grand-nephew Chandra Bose said: "I was able to look at the snooping files. There was surveillance on my father Amiya Nath Bose, Shishir Bose and Arabindo Bose. Why should there be surveillance on members of the Bose family and Netaji's followers?"

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