Friday, April 6, 2018

PM Modi Invokes Poor Background After Dalit Protests

PM Modi Invokes Poor Background After Dalit Protests

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday, 6th April 2018, said that the opposition to him is turning "increasingly violent" due to the fact that people born in backward castes are in the country's top positions and also because of their discomfort with the BJP's rising strength.

His remarks at an interaction with party leaders on the BJP’s 38th foundation day came against the backdrop of violent protests during a 'Bharat bandh' this week, which had left at least 11 people dead.

Modi, who comes from Other Backward Classes (OBC), also invoked his humble background and said his rivals were unable to digest that a "son of a poor mother" had become Prime Minister.
While the ruling alliance led by the BJP is known for its "win after win", the Congress-led opposition's agenda was "remove Modi, snatch his chair" and its identity is "lie after lie".
Modi also asserted that there are no divisions between the BJP and its allies and painted a picture of an inclusive “family” at a time when TDP has pulled the plug and Shiv Sena is threatening to walk out.

“In the BJP there are no divisions, no dynasty politics and no I versus you. It is truly democratic and an only democratic political party can effectively serve a democratic nation,” said the Prime Minister.
“The NDA family is getting Jeet after Jeet (victory after victory), which is forcing the other parties to spread Jhooth after Jhooth (lies after lies). Their only aim is to defeat Modi, nothing else,” said the PM.

Attacking his rivals, Modi said that the opposition (to his government) is becoming more intense and angrier.

“It is being seen now that it is turning more violent as well. The reason is not that we have made any mistake. The only reason is that our rivals are unable to digest the BJP's rising strength," he said.
He continued, "They are unable to accept that the son of a poor mother can become prime minister. They are unable to accept that people born in backward castes can also occupy top positions in the country."

The BJP, which was long considered a 'Brahmin-Baniya' party, made a Dalit India's president when it got its first chance to elect a person of its choice for the top constitutional position, he said.

Its rivals are unable to reconcile to the fact that the BJP has become a party of the poor and has highest numbers of MPs and MLAs from scheduled castes and tribes, he said.
"It is due to this that an atmosphere of violent opposition against the BJP is being created," he said and asked party workers not to fall in the opposition's trap of divisive agenda.
Without losing their patience and decorum, they should redouble their efforts to build a 'New India' by 2022, he said. Modi has spoken about his vision of a "new India' that will provide all families a home and which will be without casteism and communalism.

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