Friday, June 15, 2018

Can PM Modi put Fitness Challenge to Former PM HDD?

Can PM Modi put Fitness Challenge to Former PM HDD?

Bengaluru: Prime Minister Narendra Modi's fitness challenge to Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy was politely declined by the latter. Kumaraswamy, who recently had a major heart surgery, is not in a position to do tough physical exercises and Modi's invitation to him has not gone down well with his supporters.

They claim that if the PM had challenged his only active predecessor and father of Kumaraswamy, former PM H D Deve Gowda, he would have got a surprising and fitting response, News 18 reported.

Many people don’t know Kumar Swamy’s  father  Deve Gowda exercises regularly and has a full-fledged gym at his house in Bengaluru.
The 86-year-old former PM, seven-time MLA and seven-time MP can put even a 40-year-old to shame when it comes to doing tough physical exercises.
Gowda has got a fitness trainer, Karthik, and does some really tough exercises every day. Early in the morning, he spends more than an hour on treadmill, weightlifting, dumbbells and other gym equipment.

 “I had been exercising for decades and there was nothing special in it. My fitness in mid-80’s is due frugal eating and disciplined Life Style’’ News 18 reported quoting Mr. Gowda.

"I eat less. I don't drink, I don't smoke. I eat only simple vegetarian food. I sleep less. Get up early and I have no greed" he said.

In last February, Deve Gowda had climbed up 1,300 steps under the 40 degree sun to have ‘darshan’ of Gommateshwara or Bahubali at Shravanabelagola during once in 12 years Mahamastakabhisheka, one of the largest congretations of Jains.

During the recently concluded Karnataka Assembly elections, he had covered over 6,000 km to campaign for his party, the JDS, under the hot sun.

His trainer Karthik said that Gowda had tremendous energy and dedication even at 86. He told that it was an honour for him to assist the former PM in physical exercises.

When asked him about Modi's fitness challenge, the former PM just smiled. His close confidante and JDS Secretary General Danish Ali said that Modi should have challenged father Gowda instead of son Kumaraswamy who is still recuperating from a major surgery. He said that PM challenging him was distasteful.

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