Friday, December 11, 2015

Record with Tricolour by military Caps!

Record with Tricolour by military Caps!
Bengaluru: Records Were There to be Broken! is a old proverb. But many a times, becoming part of a moment when a new record is created is a hair-raising experience. On Thursday, December 10, 2015, city witnessed such a moment with Chughs Navyug Military made an attempt to create four new Gunnies Records.

Ongoing MSME Defexpo 2015 at White Orchids Convention Center near Manyatha Tech Park, Hebbal witnessed this special moment.

We Serve the People, Who Serve the Nation is the theme of the Chughs Navyug Military. Company is in the forefront of providing dressing and clothing gear solutions to the Indian military. As part of its expansion plans, Chughs Navyug Military is now entering into E-Commerce platform. Through this ( company can serve the people and military no matter where they are located in India or globe!  With this now Chughs Navyug military gear is just a click away.

As part of this new initiative, Chughs Navyug Military will provide stage for four new Gunnies Records. Gunnies Record Titles will be created in worlds largest and biggest Cap, Apron, Buckle and Tiles.

According to Mr. Narendra Pal Singh, promoter of Chughs Navyug Military, this attempt will be dedicated to brave Indian soldiers who are protecting our mother land. "Chughs Navyug Military was started in 1972 and serving the Indian military. Serving mother land always is our motto and dream," he said.

Speciality: With its E-commerce platform Chughs Navyug Military now can serve the military easily with any order can be placed through a click of mouse. Hundreds of products under different categories are available for select. From Himalaya to any part of the globe, any product can be ordered easily. Company manufacture & supplies Military Gear over the globe.

For more information contact: Charan: 93418  46464

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