Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chalk out Programme to Rejuvenate Soil

Chalk out Programme to

Rejuvenate Soil


Do you think, Jeevamruta, organic fertilizer prepared as per the direction of Subhash Palekar will help to rejuvenate the soil in flood affected areas?

Recently, more than 30,000 people from Sarvajna Nagar and Bytarayanapura Assembly Constituency of Bangalore urged the Karnataka Government to Ban Cow slaughter and to make use of Jeevamruta, organic fertilizer made out of Cow Dung and Cow urine in flood affected areas to rejuvenate the soil which became salty due to heavy rains.

Experts say that there are about 100 crore microbes in one gram of Soil. And stomach of Cow is sea of microbes. One Gram Dung of Local breeds or Deshi Cow (Indian Cows) contains 200 to 500 crore microbes. When mixed, microbes of Cow Dung and Soil support each other and start multiplying.

Some scientists say soil has no life. But really it is not so. Microbes in the soil made it alive one.

Hundreds of farmers used this Palekar method in their fields and succeeded in increasing the the yield.

Hence it is high time to make use of this system to rejuvenate the soil in flood affected areas. And Government should chalk out a plan to feed the Jeevamruta to to soil in flood affected areas at least once in 15 days, till next rainy season, so that it will rejuvenate with full of microbes by next cultivation time.

Vijay Karnataka has published a timely article on this in its issue 22 October 2009. Pls read the article by clicking the image above and read some more information in this blogs Cow Protection / Gou Samrakshane Section

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