Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Blending digital revolution with patriotism

Blending digital revolution with patriotism
Bengaluru: Orchids The International School, located on Mysuru Road in Bengaluru, has been successfully reaping the benefits of digital revolution. After the Union government scraped high-value notes, the country has been gradually veering towards digital cash. However, Orchids is way ahead in harnessing adopting technology in managing its daily affairs.

Orchids has been marching on the path of “Digital India” envisioned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Electronic form of communication has become a vogue in the school and this has helped in reducing the paper usage to a bare minimum. The school has gone a step further. It’s project to rope in parents in its march towards digitization has been a success.

All the classrooms in the Orchids are compatible with digital learning. Vital information such as children’s attendance, homework, payment of fee etc., is communicated to parents through a dedicated website. Thus, the school is in the vanguard of digital revolution in education. Orchids had organized a programme to spread the message of patriotism through digital revolution.

“Tryst with Destiny”
The students of the school Presented  a unique dance programme title “Tryst with Destiny” in this year’s anniversary function. The dance Showcased various phases of our struggle for independence. The students of the Orchids, through their performance, threw light on the sacrifice made by umpteen numbers of patriots during the freedom struggle. It was a performance to cherish and to behold. The primary objective of the programme was to make their children aware of the fight India waged against the British to free from its colonial rule.

Orchids The International School is making its imprint in the field of education by a unique blend of digitization, education and holistic development of children so as to evolve students as responsible citizens. 

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